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Benefits of European Passport

Talking about EU CITIZENSHIP, the benefits are in abundance and these benefits have influenced the masses to acquire a European passport. European Union gives you a plethora of opportunities with social inclusion and central rights and responsibilities. Mentioned below are some of the many advantages to push you to be an EU CITIZEN.


Europe is home to various world-leading universities including Cambridge and Oxford and serves as a magnet to dedicated students. The broad curriculum combined with multi-language programs enables the learners to explore new accents and broadens the prospects of their careers. These reputable universities provide opportunities for international networking as well as career growth. Furthermore, state-sponsored education makes it easier for students to take advantage of the practical and constructive education at a negligible cost or free of cost in case of some European countries. The degree earned in any EU country is accepted and valued by all the countries of Europe.


Enhanced safety and security is a prominent advantage which the European Union offers. The European Union aims to preserve peace while strengthening international security and promoting the rule of law. EU fosters world cooperation and maintains healthy relations with the entire world. The newly introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is among the strictest privacy laws in the world, conserving citizens’ right to privacy. Moreover, a European passport permits you to move and settle in any country within the union without any restrictions during the times of social or financial unrest. 


European Union has always encouraged economic growth through start-ups and business commencements. It has led corporations and firms in more competitive and innovative directions. European Union as a whole has introduced a lot of new jobs. With attractive taxation policies and simplified business legislation, the EU is heaven for investors. Convenient and visa-free travel further provides easy mobility without any restrictions. The political and economic stability permits the smooth running of the business. An enormous market of 28 countries provides greater access to potential customers. Fairly decent tax rates enable the entrepreneur to increase his earnings by saving his hard-earned money.


Nowadays, the overgrowing concern about health has made it one of the prominent priorities of the nations. Keeping this concern in mind, Europe’s tax-funded healthcare systems provide you world-class health facilities at a fraction of the cost. Europe, a destination for medical tourism has developed commendable health infrastructure, illustrated with the introduction of air ambulances. EU health policy aims at conserving and improving health at a low cost. Specially dedicated agencies such as the European Centre for Disease Protection (ECDC) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have been established to assist national governments on health issues. In short, Europe provides top-quality healthcare facilities at affordable rates.  


Mobility is an easy affair in the EU. An EU passport holder can travel in all 28 member countries without any restrictions on the visa. European transport policy enables the free movement of individuals, goods, and services and is among the major contributors to the economy. Travel throughout Europe is quite convenient and the cost is much economical. Local transport is also inexpensive which has further allowed businesses to flourish.

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