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European Citizenship

Foreign tourism as we are aware has gathered prominent fame and with this overgrowing acceptance, there has been a dramatic increase in the foreign education sector. This holds true in the case of the business region. Furthermore, economical and efficient healthcare facilities make Europe an abode for health and wellness programs. Considering this positive hike in demand within these various fields as an opportunity, we are all set to make you accomplish your offshore objectives.

Talking about EDUCATION, no place is as favorite as Europe. The countries within Europe have gathered an immense reputation within the range of education. Fulfilling the dream of European education is not that far neither is becoming a European citizen provided that you possess the right credentials. All that is required to make this ‘too good to be true’ dream come true is a European community passport .

The higher education system in Europe is well-coordinated and largely appreciated for its world-leading universities and inspirational teaching methodologies. Many employers seek creative skills along with knowledge and experience and this basic need is actively valued by the European education sector. An academic degree from Europe is a great investment in your career, allowing you to excel and to increase the prospects of your career. Ranging from English to French, German and Spanish, the education system there offers a wide choice to the aspirants to choose from these various influential languages. The students can learn special and widely accepted programs from within these languages varying from management to engineering.

There are numerous financial and scholarship programs supporting the dreams of well-deserving students. Moreover, in most of the countries in Europe, education is state-sponsored which further makes education an economical affair. Students as EU citizens enjoy many such perks and benefits.

EU Citizenship Program

Apart from the worldly education, Europe opens the door to an astonishing culture. With 29 countries within the reach of a single European passport, you have access to the extraordinary and impressive civilization of entire Europe. Known for its festivities and extraordinary culture, Europe even offers a breathtakingly scenic and landscape beauty. This perfect holiday destination can be your next residential address.

On the other hand, business opportunities in Europe are also in abundance. The businessman there has a boundless and incalculable advantage when it comes to the settlement or operation of a firm in Europe. The market size is eminently large where the businesses get to trade with various other countries within Europe with greater business efficiency. European citizenship provides large taxation benefits with a diverse market. With corporate taxes as low as 9% , you can obtain the VAT number for your business in 4-5 days benefitting in an easy commencement of the business.

There is only one set of rules governing businesses in countries within the entire continent. Simplified legislation and smooth mobility make it easier for European businesses to function. The existence of a single currency, that is Euro , allows businesses to run effortlessly and smoothly. According to a 2016 report, ranked 2nd in the MONETARY FREEDOM INDEX out of 181 countries, Hungary boasts an ideal state for the free market.

EU Citizenship Program

The work-life balance in most of the European countries is praiseworthy and commendable. Europe, on a brighter side, is one region with the lowest working hours in the entire world. Comparatively more guaranteed paid vacation days make it a heaven for the employees enabling the workers to make the best out of their work and leisure.

Additionally, the healthcare facilities in Europe are competent and affordable. This makes it a favorable residence for the entire family including the aged. Many countries have state-funded healthcare dropping the amount to a lot extent. The EU citizenship program offers ample of such opportunities. A European Union passport holder takes advantage of many such benefits.

Getting European citizenship was never so easy. EU passport is thoroughly devoted to your service allowing you to acquire the fastest and cheapest EU citizenship . To provide high-quality services to our clients, the firm requires certain private and personal data. This information may include:

• Personal information such as applicant's name, email, residential address, contact information, professional and occupational details.
• Information required or relevant for any application needed for the process.

Specific applications may require some detailed personal data from your end. The information needed for such specific applications will be declared and notified to you during the time of assistance with the application process. The client is expected to cooperate in providing the demanded information within time. This will help us in providing an effortless and smooth service to the applicant without any hindrances and interruptions. There are diversified means of collection of information but the most common mode of collection is through the applicant. The needed information would be requested through mails, applications, forms etc . To clarify more about the process you may contact us anytime. The firm will not disclose the information provided to any individuals and organizations. The information may be admitted to the contractors, agents, regulatory government bodies . Strict measures are taken at our end to ensure the security and anonymity of your private information. We have an immediate agreement with the Hungarian embassy further facilitating the application process. Even if you apply for citizenship through other firms or means your application will be first utilized by us and then functioned through the embassy. We act as a common thread either way. Thus, we save you a sum besides saving time. Though, you have to visit the capital city of Budapest for further verifications, biometrics, and other formalities.

Undoubtedly, there is no provision regarding dual citizenship in India but an OVERSEAS CITIZENSHIP OF INDIA (OCI) card allows a foreign citizen to work within the boundaries of India.

We're excelling in the field by the trust you put in and it's our privilege to be a part of your success journey. Get your European citizenship with the best in the business. In case, if there are still any queries about the application process or doubts regarding the safety of your information or if you wish to know more, feel free to contact us at

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