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Greece Citizenship

Situated in Southeast Europe, Greece is a country of thousand islands. The beauty of Greece is not hidden from the world. With exotic and alluring beaches, rugged mountains and verdant islands, Greece enjoys astonishing landscapes. The land of Greece has a past of rich and incredible history. Greece, the birthplace of democracy, is home to wondrous monuments including stunning museums and ancient palaces. There are tons of cultural attractions, the land boasts. Apart from the pleasing beauty of the country, there are several appealing advantages of Greece which have influenced large numbers to be permanent residents of the country. You must be wondering that why must I opt for Greece Citizenship Programmes? That’s a valid question to consider. The reasons for it are plenty. A Greece Golden Visa brings abounding and ample opportunities for you and your family. Here are some good reasons to influence you for the good:

1. The visa-free travel in the entire European Union, as well as the Schengen zone, is one prominent benefit of Greek citizenship. The travel is quite economical. This further provides ease in movement among the countries. Be it a student or a businessman, this quality of a Greek passport is advantageous to all. 

2. More to that, there are no restrictions on the dual citizenship of individuals. This way an individual can enjoy the benefit of the various advantages provided by the two countries. Dual citizenship allows one to carry two passports and even give the right to participate in the political activities of both countries. That’s not it. As a national of both the countries, you are eligible to hold land in either or both the countries.

3. If you haven’t thought of studying in Greece, trust me, you must. Greece gives exposure to sophisticated and cultured education. As an EU country, the qualification from any of the Greek universities is accepted by all the nations of the European Union. Greece is a multilingual society with English being the second most spoken language of the country. This proves to be an advantageous aspect for students. The tuition fee is not much expensive. On a brighter side, education to much extent is state-funded. The cost of living is also economically reasonable. One can easily meet his/her expenses with 500-700 euros per month including accommodation.

4. Why should I invest in Greece? The reasons for it can be many. Being a member of the Schengen area and EU, you can travel freely from Greece to any Schengen country including Cyprus and the U.K. without lengthy custom checks. Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, the location of Greece provides strategic assistance to business persons. Greece is a country with low economic risks and enjoys a stable democratic system. Furthermore, it is uncomplicated and easier to invest since the acceptance of a single currency unit by the entire EU, that is, Euro. Attractive tax incentives also add more benefits to the list of citizens. The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is restricted to 15% on the property sale. The availability of a skilled and educated workforce further helps you in acquiring an edge in the market and over your competitors. 

5. Wonder why is tourism a great deal in Greece? Since each place in Hungary speaks of a different past with an authentic style, Greece is an ancient country with an incredible history. Synonym to natural beauty, Greece’s green valleys, overgrown lush forests, and noiseless lakes are worth contemplating. The natural wealth of Greece is something that attracts large crowds of tourists here. The Mediterranean climate adds to the beauty of Greece. Not so cold winters and not so hot summers make it a perfect destination. The nightlife is all so vibrant and ravishing. Greece comes up with flavorsome and mouth-watering cuisine along with worldly Greek wines and liquors. The Greek cuisine, no doubt, is a treat to your tongue. Besides, Greece is a safe country which further adds to the fun.

The country possesses many such advantages for its citizens. What are you waiting for? Acquire your Greece citizenship by various investment programmes.

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