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Planning to Relocate? 5 Reasons You Should Move to Europe

In this day and age, people are moving to other countries for work, study or settling at a rate never seen before. Many countries offer additional opportunities to its citizens, leading to such a vast number of people relocating to other countries. But it is vital to understand which country best suits your needs, and where you can gain citizenship to maximise the opportunities for yourself and your families. If you are looking for a permanent residence in Europe and don’t know if you are making the right decision or not, then this article is for you.

Below are five reasons why you should move to Europe.

Cultural Diversity is Just Hours Away.

For the majority of European countries, you can travel cheaply through low-cost air carriers, that cost a fraction of what many people have to pay when living in other developed countries. So, a new language or culture is just a few hours away. For example, you can reach Paris from London in only two hours for approximately 50 Euros. 

Work-Life Balance.

The work-life balance is serious business when it comes to most European countries. In fact, the Netherlands has one of the lowest working hours in the whole world.  As an entire region, Europe is the one that has the lowest working hours. Apart from work hours, people in Europe also have superior vacation policies, and employees get more guaranteed paid vacation days than many other developed countries. 

Free (or Cheap) Education.

Almost all European countries to offer free state-sponsored education in government institutions. Public education has been free in major European countries such as Norway, Finland and Sweden for quite some time now. However, some countries and universities might charge a minimal tuition fee from Non-EU students, which is quite affordable. 

Efficient Healthcare.

Unlike many other countries in the west, Europe offers affordable and efficient healthcare. Many countries have state-sponsored healthcare, which drops the cost to almost negligible. In a report by the WHO on global healthcare, the UK topped the chart, followed by Switzerland, Sweden, Australia. Netherlands and Germany. 

Beautiful Landscape.

Above all, European countries offer eye-pleasing scenic beauty for its inhabitants. Apart from beautiful landscapes, Europe offers impressive architecture and rich history as well. Countries such as Austria, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy and Norway are considered some of the most beautiful countries around the globe.  

Expats from all around the world are now moving to Europe for the excellent work-life balance, scenic beauty and a pool of benefits that the countries have to offer. If you are looking for a permanent residence in Europe or wish to become an EU citizen, contact EU Passport, the best immigration consultants in Delhi. Now live and work anywhere in the EU, including the UK, visa-free and permit-free. Get your European passport now.

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