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Splendid Cities of Greece

Greece is a country with different worlds and visiting this glorious land is always a treat. The country is not only about heavenly beaches or alluring islands but hides a lot more mystery that is worth exploring. Greece, undoubtedly, can arrest your interest with its remarkable beauty. 

Greece is an ancient country with a roaring past that can captivate anyone with its charm Every place you see in here hides a past of its own. Be it sunny beaches or toothsome food, there are a plethora of things to explore. With sun-drenched skies and stunning sceneries, Greece stands out to be a complete leisure destination. Imagine how incredible would it be to reside in for a lifetime in this gorgeous land. A Greece Golden Visa is all you need to make this handsome country your home, a country where every city uniquely stands out from the other. Though every city boasts an astounding beauty but let’s see which of them truly deserves your attention and time. 

Hereunder are the best five cities in Greece, which would tempt you to be their guest. 


The pulse of Greece, the vibrant city of Athens is a must-visit destination. Named after the benevolent goddess Athena, the capital city of Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and continues to exercise its influence when it comes to the tourism industry. Athens, like any other city of Greece, is immersed in the past glory of the country. Be it the temple of Olympian Zeus or theater of Dionysus, history runs deep in the lands of Greece. Even the cuisine portrays an account of its own. Authentic local dishes make the city a food paradise and a major gastronomy hub. Besides, Athens is a city that rarely sleeps. You would witness a throbbing and vibrant nightlife with the taste of traditional culture. Climb Mount Lycabettus to explore the city from different angles and enjoy the breath-taking sight of this ancient city. Talking about beaches, Athens boasts dozens of sandy spots and many are only a short drive away. These beautiful pristine beaches and picturesque islands are unique in every sense. In addition to these wonderful places you’ll find some prominent museums revealing the secrets of this ancient town. Not only this, the terrific and quirky street art in Psyrri will lay hold of your heart. Visit this magnificent city and surround yourself with the awe inspiring grace.


There are dozens of reasons why this city should be on your bucket list. Considered as Greece’s cultural capital, Thessaloniki is the second-largest city of Greece. Located at the shore of Thermaic Gulf, it is a walkable city ideal for sightseeing. Rated as the second-best destination by the New York Times, Thessaloniki offers a stunning view and out of this world beauty. Greece’s second-largest city boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites including the Roman Agora, the Rotonda, the Byzantine baths, and many others. A plethora of museums and astonishing churches provide you an outstanding cultural experience.  Thessaloniki is also famously known for the various ethnic events and extraordinary range festivities taking place over the year and always offering something fun. The city, of course, stands on the glorious past of over 3000 years and this history is very well reflected in some of the old Ottoman buildings and ancient Roman ruins. Further, being a university city, Thessaloniki buzzes with a lively and vibrant nightlife. The city’s cuisine is largely known for its varied flavors and traditional as well as street dishes. Thessaloniki is conveniently located with a short drive to many destinations including the Halkidiki peninsula and the islands of Ammouliani and Thasos. It is a city full of surprises, offering experiences that are worth a lifetime. 


Known to be the first capital of newly born Greece, Nafplio is a harbor town located 2 hours away from the Greek capital, Athens. Molded by various cultures and civilizations, the history of Greece is held well-preserved in the hands of the city. Nafplio boasts a conventional or rightly said, traditionally influenced architecture and urban sculpture. The town is home to various restored and time-honored museums as well as cultural centers. Castles and fortresses though majorly converted into hotels still give a deep idea of history. Honestly, it’s a city to visited by culture vultures. Also, if you are a wine lover, you will love Nafplio for its celebrated wineries. Moreover, there are several beaches near the town where you can enjoy the pleasing climate along with the sparkling waters. Claimed to be the most romantic town in Greece, the city Nafplio brings you closer to the beautiful countryside. Other than that, shopping in Greece is something which tourists always look forward to and Nafplio decently caters this need. Nafplio is a city worth visiting in every aspect.


There are many under-rated cities within the boundaries of Greece, and Kalamata is one of them. This third largest city of Greece, situated around the Gulf of Messenia is famously known for its dark purple olives. There is a lot to discover in this city of olives. For instance, there are plenty of beaches to choose from when visiting Kalamata. Every beach tells a story different from the other. Whether you are craving endless walks with your loved one or are really in a mood to dive into the crystal clear waters, the beaches here will meet your every demand. Apart from these worldly shores, Kalamata is home to some of the noteworthy churches of Greece, Church of the Holy Apostles and Ypapanti Byzantine church being the two of them. The city owns an archaeological museum and a castle known by the name of Kalamata which conveys the historical significance of the region. There are some excellent museums in the city. Landing on cuisine, Kalamata is known for its cheese especially Talagani and Sfela and its luscious desserts. The city, being home to the youthful population offers you a throbbing nightlife. Besides, this port town is a decent place to lose your pocket when it comes to shopping. With so much to explore, Kalamata deserves at least a day’s visit.  


Chania, a city located on the coastline of Crete is famously known for Venetian harbor and a quaint old town. The aged picturesque town consists of narrow shopping streets and swanks the Turkish design buildings. The architecture is largely influenced by Venetian and Turkish charisma. Also, the city has a close resemblance to Venice. The accommodations are economical yet convenient and striking. It all depends on the type of accommodation you prefer. Chania is also known for its leather crafts and excellent boutiques and shopping. There are numerous spots that can grab your attention. But Municipal market must be explored and not to forget the green oasis of Public garden. Apart from this, there are various significant cafes and the gastronomy scene is quite good here but ethnic dishes are a must try. Witness the natural alluring scenery of Chania. The city of Chania is gifted with natural splendour and several heavenly beaches, Elafonis and Falassarna being the prominent among them. Don’t forget to be a part of Chania’s distinct culture. The Cretans are affectionate people and you would be experiencing a touch of authenticity and tradition when you visit Chania. Enjoy the unique culture by visiting the nearby villages and indulging with the friendly locals. 

This was all about the glorious cities of Greece where you can associate yourself with the marvelous beauty  and rich culture of this magnificent country. So, what are you waiting for? Getting an EU Citizenship has never been easy but now, you can realise all your dreams with us. Acquire your  European Union Passport through our exclusive Greece Golden Visa Citizenship programme.

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