Privacy Policy

EU Passport is committed to protecting your data, and the following privacy policy outlines how we manage your personal information.

What information we collect

EU Passport will only hold the personal data, which is essential for your application or are required by us to provide high-quality services before, during and after the course of your application. This information may include:

1) Personal Information such as name, address, email, occupation, mobile number(s)
2) Information required/relevant for any application needed for the process
3) Contents of forms submitted to us by you
4) Important messages that we receive from you, the source of which may be email, mail, phone or others
5) Information regarding your past meetings with us

For specific applications, we are required to collect detailed personal information. The information we require or request will be notified and explained to you at the time we assist you with the applications. However, if you do not provide the said information, the submission process may be hindered, obstructing the services we provide.

Mode of collection of information

There are multiple modes of information collection for the submissions. The primary method is through you, the client, who will provide the required information through forms, applications and other modes of communication. We may receive information from third-parties as well, which will be dealt with under a different process. To know more about the third-party data collection and process in detail, you may contact us any time. EU Passport may also collect information through the use of cookies, although the information collected through this is always anonymous.

Disclosing your information

EU Passport will not disclose your private information other than for the purposes made known to you or you would expect, requiring submission, authorised by you or permitted under any law. Your information may be disclosed to contractors, agents, service providers and government bodies, where we will take all measures to ensure that those entities protect your data.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding this policy or the safety of your data, or you wish to know more, you may contact us here.


The information provided on this website is ‘AS IS’ and ‘AS AVAILABLE’ basis, and up-to-date in our knowledge but may be subjected to change at any time due to official rule alterations in India or any EU nation, along with any other contingencies.
EU Passport will not be responsible for rejection of an application occurring due to information being withheld from the client’s side, which may include but are not limited to previous criminal record, outstanding loans, bankruptcy or others.